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Research & QI Center

Research & QI Center

Welcome to the Library Research & QI Center

Legal / Ethics / IRB Page

The Library Research & QI Center and Write-Publish-Present Center support ResQIPS and the advancement of research, QI, and EBP projects, from inception to dissemination.

Greetings & Requirements for Research

Greetings HonorHealth Researchers & Residents

Link to the documents you need for CITI Training and IDEATE setup in the box below.

(1) Register for your CITI account following the instructions in the CITI Human Subject Protections (PPT) - first link below.

(2) Complete CITI human subject protections training.  

All residents are required to complete these before their residency program commences.  When you arrive at HonorHealth you will be ready to hit the ground running with scholarly activities, research, and quality improvement projects.

If you have questions about these documents, please contact Catherine Wagner, Manager, ResQIPS/CME OR Debra Schneider, Manager, Library Services.

We look forward to meeting you. Our librarians are ready to help with your research needs.  Please feel free to browse the library website to find out more about our services & resources.

What Happened to IRB-Net?

Q: What happened to IRB-Net?

A: We have replaced IRB-Net with IDEATE. 

Q: What if I already got started on my research using IRB-Net? 

A. If your study was approved, it was automatically added to IDEATE.  If you need to make changes to your approved study, you will need to submit an amendment via IDEATE. 

IDEATE users need a password.  If you do not yet have a password and you are ready to submit your project to IRB, contact to request one. An HonorHealth email is required. Accompany your request with (1) a copy of your current professional license and (2) your CV, and an IDEATE information form.  We will create your profile once we have that information.