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Research & QI Center

Research & QI Center

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Welcome to ResQIPS Research & QI Center

ResQIPS (Research, Quality Improvement, & Patient Safety) is an interprofessional, network-wide initiative designed to promote and enhance research, QI/PS across the HonorHealth system.

The Library Research & QI Center and Write-Publish-Present Center supports ResQIPS and the advancement of research, QI, and EBP projects, from inception to dissemination.

Move ahead with your project!  The ResQIPS Research Work Group includes partners from across the HonorHealth system, including data and informatics, research, library services, statistics, and academic leadership. Residents and fellows are encouraged to present new and evolving research and QI projects to the Work Group for feedback, mentoring, and input on design, content, and structure. The process is collaborative and collegial! Express your interest in joining an upcoming meeting to the ResQIPS team at  We look forward to working with you!

If you need help or resources, we're here!  Contact Catherine Wagner, EdD , Network Manager, Research, Quality Improvement & Patient Safety OR the HonorHealth librarians at

Additionally, see our mentors' profiles, whose interests may complement your own.

Getting Started

  • Formulate Questions
  • Identify Resources
  • Develop Hypothesis

Legal / Ethics / IRB

  • CITI Training (human subjects research)
  • IRBNet
  • Navigating the IRB Process

Design Your Study

  • Project Planning
  • Study Designs
  • Protocol Development

Collect & Manage Data

  • Tests, Measures, & Surveys
  • QI & Research Tools
  • Data Collection & Management

Analyze Data & Prepare Findings

  • Statistics
  • Data Analysis
  • Citation Management

Share Findings

  • Write Up Your Results
  • Posters & Presentations
  • Publications