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Research & QI Center

Research & QI Center

Welcome to the Library Research & QI Center

Data Collection & Management page

The Library Research & QI Center and Write-Publish-Present Center support ResQIPS and the advancement of research, QI, and EBP projects, from inception to dissemination.

Data Management Basics

Data Management Guide

Thinking about data management early in the research process is so important. Find out more about what data management is, how to gather information about a Data Management Plan, best practices for naming data, and how you can store and share your data to promote research quality and reproducibility.

QI & Research Tools

IHI: Quality Improvement Essentials Toolkit

Video Series: IHI Science of Improvement.  Helpful reminders on QI tools:

PDSA cycles part 1 PDSA cycles part 2
Run charts part 1 Run charts part 2
Control charts part 1 Control charts part 2
Cause-and-effect diagrams Pareto analysis  

Performing the Research

Video: Performing the Study (Louisville Lectures) Data collection, pretesting, data entry, and data quality.
Article: Handling sensitive clinical data "Do You Know Me?" The subtle distinction between "Anonymous" and "De-Identified" data in clinical research. - WCG IRB
Articles: How to Read a Paper (BMJ) links to 10 articles to guide your exploration & laying your groundwork