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Research & QI Center

Welcome to the Library Research & QI Center

Design Your Study page

The Library Research & QI Center and Write-Publish-Present Center support ResQIPS and the advancement of research, QI, and EBP projects, from inception to dissemination.

Design Your Study - Start Here

CEBM: Study Designs ResQIPS QI project template (A Word file will download.)
CIRT: Basic Research Designs ResQIPS research project template (A Word file will download.)
Duke University:  EBP Study Designs                              Creating a PICO Question

Design Your Study - Videos, Podcasts, & More

                             Study Designs: Quality & Performance Improvement (Louisville Lectures.)  Design approaches specific to QI projects, specifically in comparison to clinical research.
                             Statistical Issues During Planning (Louisville Lectures.)  Issues that could arise while conducting a study including how to determine the correct sample size, how results can be affected by the effect size, and variance of the data set
                             Concealed Allocation, Part 1: Concealed allocation is not blinding (1:56) 
                             Concealed Allocation, Part 2: Example of how allocation might not be concealed (1:26) 


Design Your Study - Journal Abstracts & Articles via MEDLINE / PubMed

Design Your Study - HonorHealth Resources

Research & QI : Coordination and collaboration to advance research and QI efforts.  (A PowerPoint file will download.)