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AZHIN 2024

Off-site Access


Want seamless access to AZHIN resources from any location?  
Log into your OpenAthens Account:  MyAthens 


Don't Have an OpenAthen's Account?
Contact your organization's library.  They can help you register and activate your OpenAthen's account.
Find your organization's library contact info listed on the AZHIN Member Institution page.  

What is OpenAthens?

OpenAthens is an authentication service, it allows you to use your AZHIN account to access subscription-based electronic resources both on and off your worksite or campus.

Why OpenAthens?

OpenAthens offers a single sign-on that integrates with our AZHIN resources to provide seamless access to your library’s subscription-based content.


Need help with troubleshooting OpenAthens?  

Visit the section below

OpenAthens Troubleshooting

Open Athens Troubleshooting FAQ


What is off site-access?

Due to the nature of our contractual agreements with publishers, AZHIN members do not have direct access to electronic resources when not on site at their home institution/campus.  To gain access to your AZHIN resources when not on site, you need to login into the system called OpenAthens.  This system allows you access your AZHIN resources from any offsite/off-campus location.


What if I forget my password?

You can go to the Athens Password Reset or your librarian or AZHIN member representative can reset your password for you.  Use the Quick Search box at the top of the page to search for your institution which will take you to the administrator's contact information.


How do I get to the resources?

You can get to the resources by using the login on this page or by logging in on the MyAthens page.


Why was I denied access to a resource?

  • You opened a new browser session:  You are only authenticated in the browser session that you used to log in. Opening a new browser session will require you to log in again.
  • You found the resource through Google or another search engine: It may have failed because we do not have a subscription to the resource.  even if you are prompted to log in with OpenAthens, it will not take you to a resource we do not own. 
  • Electronic books user limits: Some electronic books have a limit on the number of simultaneous users.  Please try again.


Where can I check for reported outages of AZHIN resources?

Visit our Access & Outages page:  Reported Outages


Do you need to login into your libarian/adminstrative account in OpenAthens?  Follow the link below.