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AZHIN 2024

Common Error Codes

505 Error Message

  • Possible reason(s): This type of error usually occurs when there is a broken link on the website.
  • Other considerations: Please be sure you are using links from your AZHIN resources and that you are not using a bookmarked link. 
  • Possible solution:  Be sure you have signed into your OpenAthens account:  MyAthens 


502 Bad Gateway Error

A 502 Bad Gateway Error is a general indicator that there's something wrong with a website's server communication. Since this is just a generic error, it doesn't actually tell you the website's exact issue. 

Sometimes a 502 error can be resolved relatively quickly.  This might be just a blip and not a major error.

Before reporting this as an access issue, try this:

  • Reload the page:  Wait a minute or two. Then reload the page. If the page loads with no error, this might've been a temporary connection problem.

If the page is still giving you an error, try this:

 504 Gateway Timeout

This error is typically caused by communication issues between the server hosting the website and your device, possibly involving your internet service provider (ISP). A 504 Gateway error indicates an issue on the server-side rather than a problem with your network device or internet connection. 

Occasionally, this error could be generated by client-side problems, so you can try these possible solutions: 

  • Refresh the page:  sometimes the error was the result of a momentary glitch.
  • Try a different browser: 
  • Clear your cache

404 Error Not Found

This is a standard HTTP status code that’s indicative of a non-existing resource on the server.   

Possible causes include: 

Access restrictions:   Be sure you are logged into your OpenAthens account.   If this does not solve the issue, please Report an Access Problem

Other possible issues include the following. 

  • The URL does not exist
  • The resource was moved or deleted
  • The server is misconfigured
  • The link is broken

Error Messages & Access Problems

Ovid Errors

Ovid Error Message: "An error occurred in the middleware while processing your request"

Solution:  log into your OpenAthens account and then open the resource again. 

Access Denied

Possible reason(s): 

  • Reason 1: You may need to clear the cache and delete your cookies. 
  • Possible solution: Clear your cache and cookies. Find help here: How to Clear Cache


  • Reason 2: It could also be that the resource you are trying to connect to has a limited number of simultaneous users and the maximum number of users are logged in. . 
  • Possible solution: Try again in a few minutes.


After Clicking on an E-Resource, there is a Blank Screen

 Possible Reasons & Solutions:

  • Pop-up Blockers: A pop-up blocker is active and needs to be disabled.

  • Cache Needs Clearing: Your browser might need to have the cache cleared.

  • Firewall conflict: A firewall is blocking the connection. Many businesses and Internet Service Providers (ISP) will place restrictions on their firewalls. Talk with your IT department or ISP to see if they are able to modify their firewall so that you can access the e-resource.

  • Resource not working: The individual e-resource may not be working. Try another resource from a different vendor. If you are able to access that resource, try the original resource again in a few minutes. 

  • Redirect Blocker: The browser is using a redirect blocker. This will prevent e-resources from functioning correctly.

 "Connection refused by hostname, please try again later"

This is generally an EZproxy issue.  If you are not using EZproxy, look for a different troubleshooting option. 

Possible reason(s): 

  • EZproxy is unable to connect to the resource.
    • the resource is temporarily unavailable. Wait a few minutes and try again in a different web browser.

    • your web browser is blocked (ie. firewall issue).

  • Possible solution:  Adjust your firewall settings or contact your internet provider or IT services support at your institution. 

Is Your Adobe Acrobat Reader Up to Date?

You may need to upgrade to the latest version.  Find help here: How to Check & Update Adobe Acrobat

Upgrading to the latest version will usually solve most common PDF loading/viewing problems.


PDF Not Opening in Ebsco or OneSearch

If you are having trouble opening PDFs automatically in EBSCO (OneSearch), be sure you check the link below  to verify the  requirements listed:

Reading EBSCOhost PDFs with Adobe Reader


"We have encountered a problem"

This is a vague response from a database site (ProQuest is famous for this one). 

What to try:

  • Clear your cache and cookies
  • Try a different browser 
  • Make sure your browser is the latest version.
  • When all else fails, Report the problem.