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Academic Integrity and Plagiarism

What is Plagiarism?

Printable Guide to Citing Your Previous Work in APA Format

How to Cite Previous Work

Citation Format

To cite previous work, such as an essay you wrote for a different class:

Cite yourself like you would any other source, except include the information "Unpublished manuscript"


An in-text citation for your previouly-written work would be formatted as follows:

Use your last name and the date you wrote your paper as an in-text citation.


If you referred to the work of others in your previous essay and mention that work in your new piece of writing, do not cite yourself for that source.  Instead, include in-text citations and listings in your bibliography for the original source.



To cite a discussion post:


Cite your own discussion post as an online forum comment, complete with URL where it can be found.

Note:  the format of the citation would be the same if you were citing someone else's discussion post as well.


In-text citations where you paraphrase your own post would be formatted as follows:

Use your last name and the date as an in-text citation if you paraphrase a discussion post.


If you directly quote your own words from a discussion post, you should give your reader a more information in the in-text citation.  Include the paragraph number, if possible.  (Yes, that does mean counting your paragraphs -- which could be considered a great reason for paraphrasing instead!)

Include the paragraph number if you directly quote your own discussion post.