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How to Access Dynamed

Dynamed is a clinical reference tool created by physicians, for physicians and other healthcare professionals, for use at the point-of-care.

To access Dynamed from the CORE Library:

1)  Sign in to Dynamed directly, using your library username and password.

2)  Search the library using the OneSearch box on the library home page.  A placard from Dynamed may appear at the top of your search results if there is relevant information in Dynamed.  Click on "See all results in Dynamed."

This tutorial demonstrates the features and functionality of EBSCO's DynaMed interface. Included are searching, browsing, and following topics.

DynaMed Tutorial (PowerPoint)

Note: If you are unable to view videos on YouTube, click the following link to view this tutorial.

video icon DynaMed Tutorial

How to Cite Information in Dynamed

American Psychological Association (APA)

Citing a specific record:

DynaMed. (2015, March 8). Acetaminophen poisoning. Ipswich, MA: EBSCO Information Services. Retrieved March 1, 2015, from

Citing a specific drug record:

American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, Inc., DynaMed. (2015, March 8). Varenicline.  EBSCO Information Services. Retrieved May 3, 2015, from

Citing using an in text citation:

Severe effects of acetaminophen poisoning are more common after age 40. (DynaMed, 2015).

Dynamed and Drug Research

Dynamed contains a wide range of information on medications, including monographs, reviews, and conditions that may use the drug for pharmacological management.

Simply search for a drug's name in the Dynamed search box as follows:

Dynamed search box


A variety of results will be presented, including

  • drug monographs
  • drug reviews
  • related conditions
  • related drugs

Example:  results from a Dynamed search