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Library Services for Faculty

Everything you need to know to get started with the CORE Library

Guidelines for Faculty

  • Submit Textbook Adoption Request forms to the Director of the DBH program by the deadline.
  • Consider price in the textbook adoption process, and if the academic quality is equivalent, consider adopting the less expensive textbook.
  • Achieve the maximum usage of course materials and previous editions, which can include the  use of texts in one or more courses.
  • Use the same textbook and edition as long as it remains educationally sound, and consider allowing students to use older editions while noting any differences between editions.
  • Adopt a common set of textbooks and materials for multiple-section courses or courses that are offered several times during an academic year.  If consensus cannot be reached amongst instructors, the Director will be responsible for making the selection.
  • Consider creating online course packs or readings that combine open-access content with content licensed by the Library and available for linking.
  • Allow for the maximum flexibility in student purchase options, to include used books, e-textbooks, paper editions, and rentals.

Requesting a Review Copy

The CORE Library does not request review copies for instructors, but we do know the publishers and the process and are happy to provide you with assistance in making your own requests.  Feel free to contact the CORE Librarian for assistance.  

If the publisher requires a letter on university letterhead, you may use the CGI Letterhead template.

If the publisher requires contact information for a Department Secretary or other official to verify your employment, you can refer them to the CGI employee person who does our payrollYou know who that is.  And if you're unsure, contact the CORE Librarian.

Print Copies of Textbooks for Instructor Use

Whenever possible, the CORE Library purchases an electronic copy of the textbook to be used by the instructor and the students.   This is the best use of our book-purchasing dollar.

If an electronic copy is not available or circumstances prevent the purchase of an electronic copy, a print copy will be loaned to the instructor.  The CORE Library will pay to have the book shipped to you and will provide you with a prepaid mailing envelope so that you may return the book to the CORE Library at no expense to yourself when the course is complete.

Faculty will not be reimbursed for purchases they make for their courses, including textbooks, unless prior arrangements have been approved by the CORE Library.

Other Materials

Because all costs associated with a course must be declared to a student, instructors must secure approval for the use of any movies, performances, or other media that may require an extra fee.  

If the material must be purchased by Cummings Graduate Institute to be used by students within the online classroom, permission must be obtained and appropriate licenses secured.  The CORE Librarian is happy to work with you on this process; please contact the library for more information.