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Which Database Should I Use?

Searching every single database at once often sounds like a good idea.  Better to have too much information than too little, right?  Wrong.  While searching everything we've got can lead to a lot of results, too many items to weed through is often as frustrating as not having enough.

As you progress through your doctoral program, you'll soon identify which databases can help you with specific research needs.  At that time, you may find it more helpful to search databases individually. 

Below please find detailed descriptions of each database.  At the side, you'll find search boxes unique to each database.


APA PsycArticles is a database of full-text articles from journals published by the American Psychological Association, the APA Educational Publishing Foundation, the Canadian Psychological Association, and Hogrefe & Huber. The database includes all material from the print journals.

APA PsycInfo is an abstracts database that provides systematic coverage of the psychological literature from the 1800s to the present. (The database also includes records from the 1600s and 1700s.) PsycINFO contains bibliographic citations, abstracts, cited references, and descriptive information to help you find what you need across a wide variety of scholarly publications in the behavioral and social sciences. Please note that PsycINFO contains no full text; however, other databases in the library may.

CINAHL Complete provides broad content coverage including over 50 nursing specialties, speech and language pathology, nutrition,  general health and medicine and more. Includes full text for 1,400 journals indexed in CINAHL, going back to 1937.  This top-of-the-line version of CINAHL includes indexing for more than 5,300 journals, with searchable cited references for more than 1,500 journals.

Cochrane Collection Plus combines the NHS Economic Evaluation Database (NHS EED) and Health Technology Assessments (HTA) with the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (CDSR), Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects (DARE), Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials and Cochrane Methodology Register.

Be sure to take a look at the Cochrane Library's Quick Reference Guide, which is filled with useful information on how to navigate this resource.

Health and Psychosocial Instruments, known as HaPI,  is a comprehensive bibliographic database providing information about behavioral measurement instruments. Information in the database is abstracted from hundreds of leading journals covering health sciences and psychosocial sciences.

Additionally, instruments from Industrial/Organizational Behavior and Education are included. Records contained in HaPI provide information on questionnaires, interview schedules, vignettes/scenarios, coding schemes, rating and other scales, checklists, indexes, tests, projective techniques, and more.

Health Business Elite contains full-text content for over 600 journals detailing all aspects of health care administration and other non-clinical aspects of health care institution management. Topics covered include Hospital Management, Hospital Administration, Marketing, Human Resources, Computer Technology, Facilities Management and Insurance.

MEDLINE;is the National Library of Medicine® (NLM®) journal citation database. It contains more than 22 million references to articles published in approximately 5,600 current biomedical journals from the United States and over 80 foreign countries.  It is a subset of PubMed and works best when used in conjunction with the NIH's controlled vocabulary, known as MeSH (Medical Subject Headings.)  

MEDLINE with Full Text is a robust database providing full text for hundreds of top biomedical and health journals indexed in MEDLINE. Many journals are available with no embargo, so doctors, nurses, health professionals and researchers can access information as soon as it is published.

PubMed contains over 24 million references from biomedical journals, including the MEDLINE database. PubMed citations often include links to the full-text article on the publishers' Web sites or, when available, in the CORE library.  Like MEDLINE, PubMed works best when used with the MeSH. 

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