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Learning Continuity Plan

The best things you can do to prepare for intermittent or sustained system outages are to download the syllabi from your courses and to designate an alternate method of contact in Populi.


An intermittent outage is one where the LMS ( or other CGI system may be temporarily unavailable or unable to connect.

A sustained outage is one where there has been no access or ability to connect for longer than 48 hours.

Be Proactive

In the event of any intermittent or sustained outage to the LMS or other CGI systems, your instructors will keep to the original deadlines and expectations of each course as much as possible.  

Here's what to do:

Check announcements and emails frequently.  After 48 hours, your instructor may move some course activities to a new location and will announce this via email.

Use all available sources of communication to stay on top of what is happening:  the CGI Knowledge Base, email, the CORE Library, Populi, and the greeting on the CGI VoiceMail at 480-285-1761.

The CGI Knowledge Base will be the primary source of alerts regarding system status.  Look for the alert banner at the top of the Knowledge Base Home page.

Download the syllabus for each course.

Download content items and readings for use offline  (Here's how.)
Complete readings and assignments offline.  Use the offline content you downloaded or follow instructions in the Details of Major Assignments in the syllabus.

Find alternatives. 

  • If the CORE Library databases are unavailable, use Google Scholar, PubMed, or the CORE Library Research Guides.
  • If you can't get to the readings page for the week in the LMS, look at the Course Outline in your syllabus.  Use the titles listed there to search them up in the CORE Library or google the article titles to see if they are available out there in the wilds of the Internet.
  • If you didn't download the syllabus (tsk tsk!), contact a classmate or the instructor to see if s/he will email you a copy.
Follow your instructor's guidance for how to submit work.  They may direct you to email it to them or to save it until such time as the LMS is available.
Keep backups of all work on your local machine and in the cloud.
Communicate regularly with your instructor.
Offer support and advice as you are able.  If you know how to manage Google Hangouts and Zoom is unavailable, offer to take the lead on setting up an alternative location for the course webinar. etc.

Zoom Webinar Contingency Plan

What if No One Starts the Webinar? Is it Cancelled?

Ensure you have a copy of the syllabus downloaded so you have the instructor's phone number
If you are unable to enter the Zoom room or the meeting has not begun by 5 minutes after its start time, call or text the instructor.
If you do not receive a response, call or text a classmate.
Wait 15 minutes from the time the webinar was scheduled to start.  If no one arrives to start the meeting by that point, you may consider that the webinar has been cancelled or that the instructor is otherwise unavailable.


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