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Learning Continuity Plan


At CGI, we are prepared to support our students and faculty through a wide variety of situations.  As part of our commitment to provide quality 100% distance education, we would like to share our plans for learning continuity during events that have the potential to disrupt the academic core of Cummings Graduate Institute.

We encourage everyone to take proactive steps that can allow learning to continue, regardless of environment, impact, or event.

For Everyone: Be Prepared


Actions Directions

Download a PDF copy of the syllabus for each course that you are currently taking.

A PDF copy of the syllabus provides you with your instructor's contact information (including phone number).  Additionally, the Course Outline provides enough information for you to stay on top of readings.  The Details of Major Assignments area provides descriptions that can help you complete assignments offline.

A PDF of the syllabus can be accessed from the left navigation menu of any course under Syllabus.

Provide alternate means of contact via your Populi account. Log in to Populi and add a secondary email address (separate from your CGI email) and cell phone number to your Populi profile.

Download course materials and detailed information about any assignments that are due in the near future.

  • PDFs and PowerPoints can be downloaded and saved to your local machine.
  • Videos can be downloaded and saved to your local machine.
  • HTML pages, such as assignment folders and discussion boards, can also be downloaded and saved by using Print commands on the page.  (Learn more).

Adjust your notifications in the LMS (

Enabling instant notifications will allow you to receive global News announcements and course announcements via email and/or text message.  Consider turning on SMS notifications so that you can receive updates via your mobile number.

  • From your personal menu on the minibar, click Notifications.
  • Add your mobile number under Contact Methods to receive updates via SMS.
  • Enable Instant Notifications as follows:
    • Activity Feed - new posts created by others
    • News - new item available
Know how to reach at least one person (other than the instructor) in every class. Trade cell phone numbers; it will be the easiest and fastest method of communication.

Bookmark the CGI Knowledge Base in your browser.

The CGI Knowledge Base will be used to communicate alerts about outages and other disruptions to CGI system.  An alert will be posted at the top of the Knowledge Base's home page with links to additional information.

An alert with a red banner will be placed at the top of the Knowledge Base home page.

Be familiar with the procedures for cancelling webinars and other live events.
  • Monitor course announcements and email for news about cancelations, deadline adjustments, and webinars.
  • If a live event (such as a Zoom course webinar) does not open at the scheduled time, follow these steps:
    • Wait 5 minutes after the event is scheduled to begin. Then use the information in your syllabus to call or text your instructor.
    • If you do not receive a response, contact a classmate.
    • If 15 minutes have passed and the webinar has not begun nor have you received a response from the instructor, you can assume the instructor is not available or the event has been canceled.



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