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Formatting Guides for APA Papers

Formatting Guides for APA Papers

This guide exists to provide resources for formatting specific areas of an APA-formatted paper.  While these guides do not repeat the style requirements from the APA manual, they serve to provide instruction on using common software applications to produce the necessary styles.  

Be aware that certain courses at CGI may have very specific requirements for formatting papers that are not the usual APA requirements, such as the business plan or Culminating Project.  In those cases, be sure to consult assignment requirements for more information.

The instructions provided in this Guide can be used to set up any kind of formatting, as they emphasize how to use the software program, such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs, to produce whatever formatting is required.



Microsoft Word Template

APA Paper Template (MS Word):  This is a Microsoft Word document that you will need to download and save to your own computer.  It is stored in a Google Drive folder; however, it is NOT a Google Doc.

To download the paper to your own computer:

  • Look for a "Download" icon or link.  You may have to click on the three-dot menu [1] to find "Download" [2].
  • This will download the Word version to your computer's Downloads folder. 


If you would like to turn this into a Google Doc:

[3]  Select "Open in Google Docs."  Be aware that all this does is open the original Word document in Google Docs.  It does not turn it into a Google Doc.

[4]  To turn this into a Google Doc, select File / Save as Google Doc.

This will create a new copy of the document as a Google Doc that you can now edit.

Save as a google doc through File / Save as google doc



Many thanks to the University of North Iowa, who generously shared their Graduate College Formatting Guide as inspiration for this one.