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Health Business Elite and Behavioral Instruments

The topic focus of this database is "health care administration and other non-clinical aspects of health care institution management." ("Health Business Elite, n.d.)

If you are looking for instruments dealing with any facet of healthcare administration or healthcare management, it is worth considering.

It does not include specific index fields for behavioral instruments. However,it can be productively searched for instrument references using a nested OR search of its subject headings. 

Keyword Searching Using Health Business Elite

The default settings for keyword searching in Health Business Elite are the following:

• All Author (fields)

• All Subject (fields)

• All Descriptor (fields)

• All Title Information

• AB Abstracts

Keyword searching Health Business Elite represents one of the broader strategies for finding instrument references in this database.

Since this database contains no specific instruments or measurements fields, the best options for locating instrument references will be variations of the Nested "OR" strategy. 

The most effective instrument search strategies for this database are (in order from narrowest to broadest focus):

SU Subject Nested "OR" search

AB Abstract Nested "OR" search

Keyword Nested "OR" search

TX All Text Nested "OR" search

Search Using Subject Heading Nested "OR" Strategy

To nested "OR" search Health Business Elite for instruments,

1) Enter your topic search terms in the first search box.

2) In the next search box, enter the following search strategy:

Survey* OR Questionnaire* OR Scale* OR Inventor* OR "Interview Schedule*" 

3) In the adjacent drop down menu (to the strategy you just entered) scroll down and select (click to highlight) SU Subject Terms.


4) Click the Search button to initiate the search.