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Diversity - Equity - Inclusion (DEI) Toolkit

The HonorHealth Toolkit is designed to provide a common language and framework for understanding topics related to DEI and health care.  The material generated within these sessions is intended to promote life-long learning, integrate science and evidence, and foster reflection and dialogue.


How Did This Toolkit Develop?

HonorHealth is one of 27 institutions selected to participate in the AIAMC* National Initiative VIII on JEDI: Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion.  Our DEI Toolkit modules have been developed as part of an 18-month project under this initiative.

Project Journey:

*Alliance of Independent Academic Medical Centers    


DEI Toolkit FAQs

Why are the sessions presented separately?

Studies suggest that the sessions will have greater impact when they are frequent, relatively short, and are part of a longitudinal curriculum.  

Which session should be presented first?

One of the beauties of the toolkit is that it is flexible. You can attend or present sessions in any order you desire. Each session stands on its own and does not require past or future participation.

I was thinking about being a facilitator, but I'm kind of nervous about it. Any advice?

We get it!  We do not expect you to become an expert in your topic. Each session has an accompanying PowerPoint presentation, interactive tools, and facilitator guides. Plus, on this web page you will see links to additional resources from the library.  Additionally, consider finding a co-facilitator to share the responsibilities

What are facilitators and participants supposed to get out of these sessions?

These sessions are designed to give participants a common framework and a common language for understanding topics related to DEI and health care.  In doing so, we hope participants use these tools to engage in reflection and dialogue, integrate evidence into practice, and join HonorHealth in ensuring diversity, equality, and inclusion.

I have more questions.

Great! We're eager to hear from you!  Contact us at