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The master textbook list, with alternate formats and accessible options

Alterative Formats and Accessible Options for Textbooks 


Depending upon the need, an alternate format or accessible characteristics may be present in the textbooks required for the DBH program.  Options can include the following:

Option Details
CORE Library Databases and eBooks

The CORE Library's ebook and database vendor is Ebsco.  

  • Database articles may include a Readspeaker option, which will read the article out loud.  You may also download an .mp3 of the article to play in another device.

  • eBooks do not have native text-to-speech functions.  However, you may download PDFs of the books.  Depending upon publisher restrictions, this can be individual chapters or as much as 100 pages at a time.  From there, you can use a PDF to speech app to convert the text to speech. 

Publisher's Website Check the publisher's website and listing for the textbook.  Often they will sell versions of the book (such as e-books with extra features or complete PDFs of the textbooks) that are not available elsewhere.
VitalSource VitalSource is a seller of electronic textbooks.  Many textbook publishers offer a VitalSource version of the book, available via the VitalSource Bookshelf app (iOS, Android, Mac, PC, Chromebook, Kindle Fire).  Depending upon the platform, Bookshelf may offer a Read Aloud feature that has text to speech built in (iOS) (Android, Kindle Fire).
Amazon Kindle

A popular option is NaturalReader Text to Speech , which can read a PDF out loud.  Simply search for "PDF to speech app" and a number of possibilities will come up.

The Learning Disabilities Association of America lists Prizmo as an option for iPhone and iPad users.  The app lets you take a picture of what you want to read and then it reads it out loud to you. 

Georgia Tech's Tools for Life App Finder can help you to locate other ideas about assistive technology that may be helpful.