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Database Language Options

CORE Library databases offer options for foreign language interface to help you better navigate your search.  This means that buttons, directions, commands, and tabs in navigation will be expressed in the chosen language.

Note that changing the language of the interface does not change the language of the content (book, article, video, etc.).  These will remain in the language that they were published in.

EBSCO Databases

EBSCO databases offer the option to select a language:Click on language in the minibar to select a different language with which to view content.

Here's an example of how a search results page would adjust if the user selected French (Francais) as the interface language.  Note how the commands, buttons, and links are expressed in French, but the content of the abstract remains in English.

Example of how language interface adjusts to new language, such as French

HTML Articles in EBSCO Databases


Articles in EBSCO databases are usually offered in several formats:  HTML full text or PDF full text.  If an article is available in HTML full text, you may be able to translate it into a different language.

1.  Select the HTML Full Text version of the article

2.  Look for a Choose Language dropdown menu.  Select your preferred language, and then click Translate.

Articles published as HTML text may offer the option to select a language.

Online Learning Environments

The D2L online learning environment at does not currently offer the ability for the user to select a language.  All items in this online environment will appear in the default language, which is English.

The Canvas online learning environment at offers the option to select a language to manage the interface.  This means that commands in the Global and Course navigation can appear in one's selected language.  Course documents, HTML pages, files, etc. will appear in the default language of the online learning environment, which is English.

Here's an example of what it might look like if a user selected French (Francais) as the chosen language in Canvas:

Example of interface commands in another language, such as French.

Tools to Translate

You can use Google Translate to translate pages in the online learning environment to your chosen language.

Google Translate Chrome Extension

Here's an example of what a content page in the D2L learning environment might look like if the Google Translate Chrome Extension translated the page into French (Francais):

Example of page translated by Google into French

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