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Global Health: Welcome!

Keywords and Phrases for Searching

"It is generally agreed that global health goes beyond the health of individual communities and nations, to incorporate the health of people worldwide. An important difference between public health and global health, is that global health involves elements of foreign policy and diplomacy amidst the medicinal aspects of irradicating disease and other health concerns."

Try using these keywords, phrases, and subject headings while searching to find more resources related to global health:

global health   |   global public health   |   public health   |   world health   |   international health   |   international cooperation   |   public health administration

International Databases

Find FREE Full Text

When the library doesn't have the full text of an article you've found, try these options:

Unpaywall:  a free web app that lets you connect to free versions of articles that have been uploaded by authors.

Sci-Hub:  free access to research articles without barriers.  Not always legal as some items may be uploaded or pirated.

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Essential Resources for Global Health


Premier search engine for biomedical literature. Excellent source for global health topics.

Google Scholar

Search for scholarly literature from a range of disciplines; many articles available through the CORE Library or other locations (Learn how to use Google Scholar here.)

CINAHL Complete

Search nursing and allied health literature dating back to the 1980s.  Search this database from the CORE Library's home page or just about any Research Guide.

Cochrane Library

Search for systematic reviews of primary research in human health care and health policy.   Search this database from the CORE Library's home page or any library search box.

Cochrane Clinical Answers

Search for evidence-based articles about major health & medicine topics.   Search this database from the CORE Library's home page or any library search box.

Global Health Observatory

Global Health Library

General Web Resources

These web resources provide general information about domestic and international affairs, economics, education, and other issues related to global health.


UNICEF is a resource that focuses on social and economic issues, including health issues, that affect children across the world.

World Bank

The World Bank is an international organization with a focus on increasing economic development and reducing poverty world-wide. Part of this overall mission includes focusing on global health factors.

International Monetary Fund

The IMF provides access to the social and economic statuses of the countries around the world. It also has information about how economics affect worldwide health issues.

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