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Haiku Challenge Fall 2021: Welcome!

Fall 2021 Haiku Challenge

Thank you to everyone who entered the Fall 2021 Haiku Challenge!  Your creativity and passion for poetry were exciting to see. 

Below please find all entries that granted permission for us to share their work with you. 

                            Books brought; schedule made  Balance, work, school, home, let’s go!  Make time for self-care  Author:  BB

Midnight coffee run

Stay up to finish reading

Sleepy. Hungry. Bed.

Research, books, Zoom calls

Let the nerdiness begin.

Watch out health care world!

Soon to be Doctor

Ready to Represent US

Look how far we've come.

Follow my dream now.

Current is the time to start.

Explore your passion.



Healthcare disruptors Start of a revolution Better days ahead

Medicine is great

Behavioral health is too

Integrate the two

Jump with joy all souls

You are making the best choice

Sleep deprivation

No more Netflix please

The books and articles win

Excellent and joy

On to the next class

Learning, challenges, oh my!

Let the brain stretch wide

CGI my school

Becoming a disruptor Oh yeah!

That’s real cool

School at home is great Until the wifi goes out  What do I do now

I gaze at a screen

Into a limitless reality, a vast expanse

Yet only pictures under glass

Doctors of B H

Here to change the industry

Tell 'em, Doctor Young

Graduate students

We know how to multi-task

Nothing we can't do

September's coming

It is my favorite month

School time, birthday girl