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HonorHealth Libraries Test Area: Our Work

testing ground, learn, improve

What is in this Our Work Section?

include links to topics to highlight on this page: (examples only. I'm sure there are more)

  1. Meeting schedules
  2. The latest activities of the committee
  3. "here's more" highlights
  4. How to communicate with us
  5. Committee purpose

Contribute: Join the Committee, or even just send us your ideas!

include an email link/contact for joining the committee and another email link for sending suggestions.  (example:  In our cafeteria, the menus are posted so high that shorter family members cannot read them.  Can this be changed?)

Can't get enough? Here's more cool stuff

include podcasts, things from Harvard medical school health literacy. For those with in-depth interest.

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Activities - Accomplishments of Health Literacy Committee

Health Literacy Committee Activities: meetings, events

Health Literacy Committee Tools, Templates