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HonorHealth Libraries Test Area: Black History Month

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Black History Month - Week 3

Henrietta Lacks

– Written by Monica Chaung, MD, PGY-3

Henrietta Lacks was a mother of five when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 1951. To diagnose her cancer, doctors took biopsies of her tumor. A sample of her tissue was provided to Dr. Gey, a cancer researcher at Johns Hopkins University. In Dr. Gey's lab, the majority of tumor cells he had previously studied would die. However, Mrs. Lacks' cells did not. Instead, they doubled every day. These cells, named "HeLa" cells after her first and last name, became the first immortal human cell line. Read more here ...

Henrietta Lacks  The Legacy of Henrietta Lacks 

Black History Month - Week 2

Dr. Charles Richard Drew

– Written by Karina Luera, DO, PGY - 1

Dr. Charles Richard Drew, an African American surgeon born in 1904, is known as the "Father of Blood Banking" for his significant contributions to the process of blood plasma preservation.        Read more here ...

Biographical Overview - NLM "Father of the Blood Bank" - ACS

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