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Rule Number One

Check the box for the full text limiter, every time.  It's the law.

For best results, check the box before you start a search.

If you forget, you can refine your results after searching by checking the full-text limiter on the search results screen.

Once you've found an article that looks interesting, click on the options for viewing the article.  Usually these will be PDF Full Text or HTML Full Text.

Saving for Later

To save an article for later, you can ...

  • Save a copy of the PDF to your Google Drive account (directions)
  • Save a copy of the PDF to your personal library folder (directions)  Important:  You must be signed in to your folder account!  (Explanatory video)
  • Email a copy of the PDF to yourself, complete with citation
  • Generate a citation by clicking on the CITE icon (looks like a document)
  • Print the PDF