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Faculty Development: Personal Development

    for Clinical Educators  

  • The milestones are not an ACGME requirement.
  • ACGME, AOA, ACCME, and AAMC partnered to create these Milestones documents for your personal use.  Use them to assess yourself, or with a peer who can provide trusted feedback and assessment. 
  • These milestones exist to support your lifelong growth and development as educators.

Your Milestones Documents 

  • The Clinician Educator Milestone Project (2022 AUG)  Provides a framework for assessment of faculty education skills. Milestones are designed for formative, developmental purposes to support continuous quality improvement for individual learners, education programs, and the specialty.
  • The Clinician Educator Supplemental Guide (2022 AUG) This explains the competencies in detail and guidance on how to score yourself.

CV Builders

Some universities have CV builders associated with their profile systems, for example Yale CV Builder Tool: Training and Guidance < Yale School of Medicine