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Diversity-Equity-Inclusion Guide

DEI Resources compiled by HonorHealth.  Explore this rich platform of videos, podcasts, webinars, articles, toolkits, etc. that address Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in HealthCare and society.   Thank you to our librarian colleagues at HonorHealth for generously sharing this timely and  informative guide. (Due to licensing restrictions, please note that some material may only be available to HonorHealth Associates.) 

New Resource--AccessMedicine How To

To best utilize AccessMedicine, we have provided tutorials for your ease. Check these out and see for yourself the full range of the AccessMedicine resource!

We also have a video tutorial for how to fully utilize AccessMedicine and its resources. If you would like a copy of the video, please email me at

TMC Affiliated Authors Works

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Doctors Without Borders

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Graphic Medicine

My past experience is the intersection of libraries and comics, and I was so happy to discover that there are others out there exploring the same thing in Medicine! I'll be putting interesting things I find in the field here if you want to check it out.

Three panels, one for each word: Frontline, Comics, Project. Underneath Frontline is a group of physicians covered in protective medical garb. There is a plus sign in between this panel and the next. The next panel features comics artists, old and young, women, men, featuring most prominently a black woman with glasses holding a pencil and sketchbook proudly. In between this and the next panel is an equal sign. The final panel, the project panel, features the finished comic book.


These stories from the COVID pandemic are collaborations between frontline workers and comic artists.

More Education and Information

Cooling Centers Near TMC

Now is the time when Tucson gets extremely hot! Please check out these Heat Advisory resources, and share them with your patients in need!

#TakingTheMaskOff #Unmasked Autistic Pride Day 2024

Autistic Pride Day is an annual celebration that takes place on June 18th. It’s a day where we get to show off and celebrate our unique Autistic identity and all the amazing things we bring to the world.

The first Autistic Pride Day started in the early 2000s, and it’s been growing in popularity ever since. The day is all about promoting acceptance and understanding of neurodiversity, and challenging the idea that autism is something that needs to be cured.

Autistic Pride Day is really important because it gives us a chance to come together as a community, share our experiences, and support each other. We celebrate with all kinds of awesome events, like rallies, marches, and art exhibitions, which help raise awareness about autism and promote inclusion of autistic people in society.

While the official date for Autistic Pride Day is June 18th, we can celebrate our awesome selves and the awesome Autistic community anytime we want! So if you’re Autistic, get involved and show the world how amazing you are. And if you’re not Autistic, show your support and spread the word about the importance of acceptance and inclusion for autistic individuals.

Autistic Pride Day is all about celebrating our unique identity and the diversity of the human experience. Let’s embrace our differences, promote understanding, and make the world a more accepting and inclusive place for everyone.

Check out more of their resources here:

Happy Pride Month!

Although due to the heat, Tucson celebrates Pride in September, the world over June is Pride Month!

Linked to the image about is the LGBTQ Healthcare Directory, where patients and physicians who are safe, welcoming, and inclusive can list and find each other for the best care possible.

Please be sure to check out Safespeak, our Enduring CME Material listed on the THMEP website, hosted by Dr. Josh Lee, CIO of TMC Health, to learn more about how to provide excellent care for our queer patients!

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