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HonorHealth Library Services Well-Being Center: What About You and Work?

YOU and Work: Well-being Books

Whether you want to borrow a book or explore your topic of interest, our librarians are happy to help you!

YOU as an Individual at Work

YOU and Work and the Organization

Taking Action against Clinician Burnout: Leadership commitment during covid-19 and beyond (National Academies; 4:46)

YOU and Work: Teams, Teamwork and Team Leadership

  Leading With Compassion Has Research-Backed Benefits - (Harv Bus Rev 2023-FEB)
Frontline, Essential, and Invisible: The Needs of Low-Wage Workers in Hospital Settings During COVID-19. (Workplace Health Saf. 2022 Nov)
 Bite-Sized Team Training.  5-minute videos about the fundamental tools of good teamwork.
 Work-Life Integration: Understanding Health Care Worker Well-being (47:58)  Well-being Essentials for Learning Life-Balance (WELL-B) (Duke University): 
Workplace Work-Life Toolkit for Managers (

Ten-Minute Well-being Tips for Managers (Johns Hopkins Medical Imaging)

  High-Performing Teams Don’t Leave Relationships to Chance (Harv Bus Rev)

Overcoming Negativity in the Workplace: Improving Workplace Relationships (59:06)

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