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HonorHealth Library Services Well-Being Center: What About YOU? Your Personal Well-being

YOU --Well-being Books

Whether you want to borrow a book or explore your topic of interest, our librarians are happy to help you!

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YOU -- Physical Health

  How to Be More Active During the Work Day (American Heart Association)
Eat Smart, Move More: Core Behaviors and Resources 

6 Pillars of Brain Health (Cleveland Clinic Brain Health)

Yoga for Health (Free, Downloadable e-Book)

YOU -- Resilience & Whole Health

 Well-being Essentials for Learning Life-Balance (WELL-B) : (Duke University)

  1. The Science of Gratitude (52:06) 
  2. Work-Life Integration: Understanding Health Care Worker Well-being (47:58)
  3. The voice in your head isn't always kind:  Evidence-based self-compassion (54:26)
  4. Cultivating Awe and Wonder (51:21)
  Happiness Strategies (Duke University)  A great reminder list of ways to stay resilient. (Printable; 2 pages).
  Resilience (American Psychological Association)
  How Right Now -- Gratitude (CDC -- Practicing gratitude improves your well-being. Find out how!)
  Live Whole Health -- The Circle of Health (US Dept of Veterans Affairs)

The Power of Gratitude (27:30)

YOU -- Go To Sleep


The Drive - Peter Attria MD.  Focuses on lengthening your lifespan and improving your healthspan.

  • Especially Recommended: The Drive --7-part Sleep Series: Dangers of poor sleep, Alzheimer's risk, mental health, memory consolidation, and more.
   Nothing Much Happens - Let's Get Sleepy. "Bedtime stories are like a soft nest for the mind."

10 hours Bedside a Flowing River -- Relaxing sound to help you sleep.

10 Hours of Rain: Relaxing sound to help you sleep.

YOU -- Mental & Emotional Health

   Smart People -- A variety of self-help, work-life balance, and well-being topics

 House Calls With Dr. Vivek Murthy.  Because Conversations Can be Healing.Dr Vivek Murthy Surgeon General

Dr. Murthy & guests explore how they navigate the messiness and uncertainties of life to find meaning and joy.

 Talks For When You Feel Totally Burned Out (TED Talks Emotional Wellness Toolkit, Nat'l. Inst. of Health)

  3 Good Things (Duke Center for Healthcare Safety and Quality 3:03)
Use the Science of Flourishing to Increase Your Well-being
  How Right Now -- Finding What Helps (CDC -- Started to support hospital employees working during the COVID-19 crisis, the information still applies.)

YOU -- Address Your Stress

Stress and Your Body (3:15)

How to Stay Calm When You Know You'll Stressed (TED Talk; 12:20)

   Guided Mindfulness Practices (UC Davis Clinician Health and Well-Being) 
  Meditation and Mindfulness: What You Need To Know (Nat'l Center for Complementary and Integrative Health)

10 Tips for Dealing With the Stress of Uncertainty (American Psychological Association)

Reducing Stress Through Deep Breathing, 1 of 3 (Johns Hopkins 2:59)

Reduce Stress Through Guided Imagery, 2 of 3 (Johns Hopkins 2:26)

Reduce Stress Through Progressive Muscle Relaxation 3 of 3 (Johns Hopkins 5:53)

  Arizona law protects confidential peer-support group for physicians (Beckers Hosp Rev 2022 OCT)
  DOC2DOCAZ: Physician Peer Support.  Created by the AZ Medical Assn; supports physician wellness.  For all licensed AZ  Physicians, Medical Students, Residents, and Fellows.  Free. Confidential & dedicated line: (646) 809-0957.