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HonorHealth Libraries: Athens


Already have an OpenAthens username and password?  
Link via this OpenAthens LogoLogo!

‚ÄčHow do I get an OpenAthens login?
Please complete the online request.  (

What is OpenAthens?
OpenAthens is a system which controls access to many of our electronic information sources.  When you log in to an OpenAthens-protected resource it checks to see if you are a member of a hospital group that has paid to use that resource.  If your username and password are correct it lets you through.

What if I forgot my password?
Go to the Athens Password Reset or email us at

What resources will a HonorHealth Open‚ÄčAthens account allow me to access?
EBSCO databases (CINAHL, MEDLINE, GreenFILE, Teacher Reference Center and Library), New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA journals, Ovid Online, and STAT!Ref (E-books).

How do I get to the resources?
Use the login that pops up when you try to access a specific resource, or to see the range of resources to which you have access, log in on the MyAthens page.

Why was I denied access to a resource?

  • You may have lost your log-in information by opening a new browser session. You are only authenticated in the browser session that you used to log in.  Opening a new browser session requires another log-in.
  • You found the resource through Google or another search engine and tried to log in using an OpenAthens link.
  • We do not have a subscription to the resource.
  • Some electronic books have a limit on the number of simultaneous users.  In that case, try again later.