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Copy of HonorHealth Library Services Well-Being Center: YOU and Your Community

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What About
YOU and Your Community?

HonorHealth Mission
To improve the health and well-being of those we serve.

HonorHealth Vision
To be the partner of choice as we transform healthcare for our communities.

Well-being Books - Community


   Group Level Well-Being: Follow-up Sharable Resources. (27:43) Well-being Essentials for Learning Life-Balance (WELL-B) : (Duke University)


Community Well-being: Blue Zones

Blue Zones:  Lessons From the World's Longest-Lived. Blue Zones is the name given to areas on the globe where peoples live well into their 90s and beyond.  What are the common characteristics of these populations?  Find out here! 

Blue Zones, the organization:  "Informed and inspired by the world’s longest-lived cultures, our mission is to empower everyone, everywhere to live longer, better."  Evidence-based information, support, and guidance to incorporate Blue Zones values into your life  We recommend starting with Blue Zone Lessons.

Blue Zones is Local!  HonorHealth and City of Scottsdale work together to transform health and well-being of Scottsdale 

HonorHealth CEO, Todd LaPorte talks about the work we're doing! (2:30 minute video)