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Monkeypox or MPXV: Audio / Video Downloads

Do you learn best with audio-visual formats?  This page is for you! 
This page has all Podcasts () and Videos/YouTubes () on this Monkeypox site.

Overviews & News

 CDC/IDSA COVID-19 Clinician Call: Bivalent COVID-19 Boosters: What you need to know; Plus update on Monkeypox.  (Monkeypox Section is at 0:0 and ends at 21:21) (IDSA 12-SEP-2022 1:23:12)

 9-8-2022 - Monkeypox 2022: The Changing Landscape of Emerging Infectious Diseases (YouTube)  (Washington University; 53:34)

 IDSA Media Briefing: Monkeypox Updates (11-AUG-2022)

Monkeypox Update: Common Questions Answered (Johns Hopkins Sch. of Med) (01-SEP-2022 28:30)

Monkeypox: the state of the science (Nat Acad Med 18-AUG-2022 1:29:46)


 Responding to Monkeypox (NEJM Recorded Interview) (31:05) 18-AUG-2022

 TWiV: Monkeypox clinical update (2:01:20) 28-AUG-2022

Hospital Nurses & Other Caregivers

Practical Tips for Healthcare Workers During the Current Monkeypox Outbreak (APIC; 31-AUG-2022)

 Monkeypox Specimen Collection (2:13)

 Back to Basics: PPE and Monkeypox (21:50)

Management - Medication - Response

Responding to Monkeypox (NEJM Recorded Interview) (31:05) (18-AUG-2022)

Patient Education

 How to Lower Your Risk of Monkeypox at Parties, Clubs, and Festivals (CDC; 0:53; 03-SEP2022)