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HonorHealth Women Physicians Leadership Council: Medical Cultures & Systems

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credit: Indiana University

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Medical Cultures & Systems
Pursuing Gender Equity by Paying for What Matters in Primary Care. N Engl J Med. 2023 Jul 20;389(3):198-200.   
Confronting Health Worker Burnout and Well-Being.  Vivek H. Murphy, MD, MBA (NEJM; 13-JUL-2022) Standing Up Against Gender Bias and Harassment -- A Matter of Professional Ethics (JAMA 09-APR-2020)
Representation of Women in Top Executive Positions in General Medical-Surgical Hospitals in the United States (Wmns Hlth Rep 2021)  Achieving leadership gender equity in medicine (Icahn School of Medicine Grand Rounds 2020 FEB) (53:31)
5 things organizations can do to advance women in medicine (Am Med Assn) What's holding women in medicine back from leadership (Harv Bus Rev)
A call to healthcare leaders: Ending gender workplace disparities is an ethical imperative (#BeEthical) Women in Healthcare Leadership 2019 (Oliver Wyman Management Consultant Publication)
Making medical leadership more diverse (BMJ 2021) Promoting equity for women in medicine - seizing a disruptive opportunity (N Engl J Med 17-JUN-2021)
                            Transforming Institutional Culture: Assessment and Intervention (1:02:19)   Strong Women in Medicine (Series)
Diversity in Medicine: Facts and Figures 2019  Why women leave medicine (Assn Am Med Coll)
Gender bias in clinical case reports: A cross-sectional study of the "big five" medical journals (PLOS One 2017) Burnout rate and risk factors among anesthesiologists in the United States (American Society of Anesthesiologists)
 Gender Inequity: Creating Systemic Change (AMA)   ►Part 1 (14 min)     ►Part 2 (20 min) Physician Well-being 2.0: Where are we and where are we going? (T.D. Shanafelt, MD ; Mayo Clin Proc)