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Artificial Intelligence in Health Care and Medicine

AI In health care and medical scholarship

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Summary of Google's AI Course for Beginners (9:17) An easy-to-understand way to get started on how AI relates to other machine learning fields of study and the terminology.

What Is AI? (4:38) (Museum of Science)

Time savers: Good Info, Small Bites

 NEJM AI Grand Rounds:   Informal conversations with a variety of unique experts exploring the deep issues at the intersection of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and medicine. (HonorHealth employees only)

NEJM AI In Medicine: Article Series:  Explores the role of AI technology in clinical medicine and digital health, and examines the promise and pitfalls of its application across the health care continuum.   (HonorHealth employees only)

Artificial Intelligence (JAMA Network):  A collection of articles and resources on clinical applications of large language models (LLMs) and other AI technologies.   (HonorHealth employees only)

All pages of this Artificial Intelligence (AI) Guide provide an introduction to this evolving field for  HonorHealth employees, faculty, fellows, residents, and staff. Due to the rapid advancement of this emerging technology, information may become outdated at times.  All links, organizations, and products presented here are for informational purposes only.  This information supplements but does not supersede information from HonorHealth policies and guidelines.