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Hospice & Palliative Care Fellowship Resources

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Hospice & Palliative Care Scholarly Activity

Jonathan Theroit DO.  Opioid Antagonists. (Book Chapter) StatPearls [Internet] 2024.  Link to chapter
Jonathan Theroit DO.  Antiemetic Serotonin-5-HT3 Receptor Blockers. (Book Chapter) StatPearls [Internet] 2022.  Link to chapter
Derek Thompson MD. “The development of a multi-program education consortium: A benefit to our fellows (S545)”. J Pain  Symptom Manage . May2022; 63(5): 930-931. Link to abstract

h & pc program resources

Care Search: Palliative Care Knowledge Network (Australia)  A rich resource for physicians and all health care professions.  Has one-click links to PubMed article searches, plus special focus on evidence-based care, patients & families, and health professionals' education.

IHI QI and Patient Safety

Boost your QI and Patient Safety Knowledge and Skills!

Sign up and use HonorHealth's Academic Affairs' IHI Open School subscription* to access multimedia courses designed to improve patient care, patient safety, and patient outcomes. Take individual modules in quality improvement, patient safety, system design, leadership, or population management OR earn the 13 course Certificate in Quality and Safety.

*Residents and Fellows need to create an account.

Faculty, please see IHI information on the Faculty and Development guide.


Where to start?

  • Get excited! - the power of quality improvement with a short video by Dr. Mike Evans.
  • PS 105: Responding to Adverse Events.  Patient Safety course.  Using a patient-centered approach, you will learn about the 4 steps to take following an adverse event, how to communicate bad news & apologies, and understand how adverse events affect providers. *Requires residents/fellows to create account.
  • What Happened to Josie?  Video. Case study of avoidable patient harm
  • The Patent and the Anesthesiologist.  Videos.  Case study highlights clinician response to medical errors, how medical errors affect both patients & clinicians, and behaviors clinicians should practice when apologizing to patients.

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