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How Do I? (FAQs)

FAQs and answers

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How do I...

...Learn more about HonorHealth Library services?

Professional, friendly medical librarians support your clinical, educational and research activities throughout HonorHealth.

Services include:

  • Research, literature searches, and article delivery

  • Training on library resources and tools

  • Consultation: one-to-one or with your research team

  • Scholarly activity support

  • Patient education and health literacy support

  • Access to full-text journals and clinical decision tools for patient care

  • Resources for extended research and medical education

  • Clinical books and resources available for checkout

Need additional help? Select Ask a Librarian from the homepage 


...Find an HonorHealth Library?

From the library homepage, use the Librarians/Locations tab or select Librarian/Locations under Library Information.

The libraries are staffed M-F, 8 am-4:30 pm on a rotating basis, with schedules posted at each library. If you need assistance outside of regular business hours or at another HonorHealth campus, we are happy to arrange a time that works best with your schedule. Please call us or use the Meet with a Librarian Request form.

After hours access for HonorHealth physicians and staff is available to the libraries via badge swipe access with a hospital identification badge.

The libraries also maintain a web-based library portal which is available on-site, through Clinical Tools on the employee intranet (HonorHub) and off-site through OpenAthens (authentication software).

...Get help from a librarian?

Please reach out to us any time! Email to or use the Librarian/Locations tab from the library homepage to contact any of our librarians or to locate or call the campus most convenient for you.

You may also select Ask a Librarian from the homepage to email questions or send journal article citations. 

...Access library resources off-site?

Off-site access to the library’s journal and database subscriptions on the library portal is through OpenAthens (authentication software) and requires an OpenAthens login and password.

HonorHealth employees, staff members, affiliated physicians or students on rotation may apply for an OpenAthens login and password (an “Athens account”). Use of this login and password allows access to most HonorHealth journals and databases offsite.

To request an OpenAthens login and password, complete the Open Athens Request form from the Requests tab or Services list on the library homepage.  In a few days, OpenAthens will contact you by email and so will an HonorHealth librarian.  The emails have instructions about how to activate your account.

Already have an HonorHealth OpenAthens account?  Log in via the OpenAthens login page from the library home page quick links.

...Request and obtain an article?

HonorHealth providers and staff may request articles from the library; no fees are assessed for affiliated physicians or staff.

From the library homepage, select the article request form from the Requests tab or Services list OR email with your citations.

For articles that are not in the HonorHealth collection, one of our librarians will order from our interlibrary loan program. Turnaround is typically within 1-2 business days although can be expedited for urgent patient care needs.

...Find a journal?

HonorHealth Library Services has hundreds of full-text journals that will give you immediate access to articles.

From the library homepage, select browse e-journals from our quick links.

Browse by journal title OR select the journals radio button above the search box and enter a specific journal title in the search box

Don’t see the journal you need? Contact us at or use our article request form.  

...Find journal articles from many journals at once?

There are three easy methods to find a variety of full-text articles rather than articles from one journal:

  1. Use the Search HonorHealth Resources search box on the library home page. You may refine your search results using the filters on the left side of your results page.
  2. Select PubMed from the quick links on the library home page to search your topic. When you link to an abstract or select “abstract” as your format (top left) an HonorHealth icon will appear for articles in our collection and will link to fulltext if you are on an HonorHealth campus.
  3. Select ClinicalKey from the library home page to search Elsevier medical journals and other resources. ClinicalKey requires a login and password for off-campus access; please refer to off-site access tab on the library homepage or contact the library for assistance.

Not finding what you need?  Request a literature search from the Honorhealth librarians by emailing us or using our literature search request form.

...Borrow or return a book?

HonorHealth providers, staff and volunteers may check out books for a three week (renewable) period. Please see librarian for assistance. 

If a librarian is unavailable, please follow the “self-check” instructions posted in the library.

Please check out your book using an email address that you check frequently as the library will send a courtesy reminder to you by email when the book is due for return and you may respond to this email to renew the book if desired.

Please return books to the librarian at the campus most convenient for you. If a librarian is unavailable please let the book on the librarian desk or return shelf and a librarian will follow up with you. 

...Get a book or journal article that is not at HonorHealth?

Books or journal articles which are not held in the HonorHealth collection can be requested from other libraries or sources. Contact your librarian or select Ask a Librarian from the homepage.

 Interlibrary loan for articles typically require 1-2 business days. Book requests vary depending on the availability of the title locally. Please speak with one of the librarians if your request is urgent.

...Get into the library after hours?

HonorHealth physicians and clinical staff may access HonorHealth Osborn Medical Center, and Shea Medical Center libraries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via badge swipe access with their hospital identification badge. If the badge access feature is not working, please call Security for access or report access concerns to the Library Manager.

In the Cowden Center on the John C Lincoln campus, the library door is electronically unlocked from 7:30 am through 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.  However, properly identified HonorHealth physicians, clinical staff, and employees may use the library any time the Cowden Center is open via badge swipe or seeking assistance at the front desk.  If access is needed on weekends, holidays, or other times when the Cowden Center is closed, please contact campus security.