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Information & Resources for professional writing, publishing, and presenting

Copyright Basics

Copyrighted material can be used in teaching and research under any of the following conditions

  1. The work in question is in the public domain.

  2. Permission has been granted by the copyright owner or through some other means such as a negotiated license agreement (such as those negotiated with publishers by the University Libraries or the Copyright Clearance Center.)

  3. The use falls within the four “fair use” factors as defined in Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C or falls under an educational use exemption as defined in Section 100 and as amended by the TEACH Act.

OA and CC and PD Oh My!

Journals & Access Practices

 Academic Publishing Models.  Quick & Easy-to-Understand  (Video, 2 min 33 sec) SHERPA ROMEO  Looking to publish?  What are the open access and archiving policies for a specific journal?  Find out here.
OAD - Open Access Directory (Simmons University) One-stop information hub of all things OA. DOAJ -  The Directory of Open Access Journals
OPEN DOAR Find quality-assured OA repositories through this global Directory of Open Access Repositories SHERPA JULIET  Got Research Funding?  What are funder conditions for open access, publication, and data archiving?  Find out here.