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Arizona Health Information Network is a consortium providing health-related library resources and point of care tools across the state of Arizona.

What is AZHIN?


To offer health care professionals and trainees access to information and evidence in support of their clinical, educational, and research needs.



AZHIN supports the highest quality of patient care by providing health care professionals and trainees access to the information and evidence they need.  This is accomplished by aiding its members in developing dynamic collections and services both by the increased buying power of the group and by the strong collaboration and shared expertise of its members.


Libraries. Knowledge. Evidence. Answers.


Arizona Health Information Network is a consortium of health-related organizations across the state of Arizona.  Members consist of hospitals, academic institutions, health centers, and public health departments.  Membership dues include access to electronic journals, books, and databases.


In addition to the resources listed on this site, AZHIN offers technologies providing seamless access to these resources.

  • Athens Single Sign-on- Only one username and password for all AZHIN resources. Used by member institutions who do not provide institutionally-based IP access or for users who need off-site access.
  • Link Resolver- Provides the ability to seamlessly link from citations in a database to the full text of a journal article.
  • LibGuides CMS- AZHIN uses LibGuides CMS as its website because of its flexibility and ease of use.  AZHIN member websites are locally-customizable enabling content including an institution’s logo, library information, and links to additional resources they purchase outside of the AZHIN consortium to easily be added.


Please visit for detailed information.