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What Can You Do for Your Patients?

Dr. Alisahah Cole, Vice President of Population Health, Innovation and Policy

Dr. Alisahah Cole, system vice president of population health innovation and policy at CommonSpirit Health, joins the Check Up to talk about the ways that organizations can tackle diversity, equity and inclusion in a more comprehensive way.

Lloyd H. Dean Reflects on Black History

Catholic Health Care Assocation - We Are Called

Webinar & Position Paper by Dignity Health Physician, Dr. Rachel Bond, et al.

Webinar and Position Paper by Dr. Rachel Bond, System Director of Women’s Heart Health, Dignity Health, Member, Cardiovascular Disease in Women Committee, Association of Black Cardiologists


Working Agenda for Black Mothers : A position Paper From the Association of Black Cardiologists on Solutions to Improving Black Maternal Health

A summary of problems and solutions across the preconception to postpartum care continuum.


Become Aware of Your Implicit Bias

Click here to take the Implicit Association Test.

"Project Implicit is a non-profit organization and international collaborative network of researchers investigating implicit social cognition - thoughts and feelings that are largely outside of conscious awareness and control. Project Implicit is the product of a team of scientists whose research produced new ways of understanding attitudes, stereotypes and other hidden biases that influence perception, judgment, and action. Project Implicit translates that academic research into practical applications for addressing diversity, improving decision-making, and increasing the likelihood that practices are aligned with personal and organizational values."

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