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St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center
Health Sciences Library
350 W. Thomas Road
Phoenix AZ, 85013
Phone: 602-406-3299
Fax: 602-406-4171
For literature searches, email:
For article requests, email: Nicole Galvan

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Getting to Full Text Articles: Tips and Tricks

  • The older version of Internet Explorer that is available on the Dignity Health computers does not work with some of the websites and databases that our resources are on.  To access our resources, it is best to use an alternative web browser, such as FireFox or GoogleChrome.
  • The A to Z List of Online Titles link is the best place to see whether or not we have online access to the full text of a particular journal. 
  • Once the A to Z List of Online Titles has linked you to the journal's website, you may need to find the Athens link and log in using your Athens username and password.  Always look for the Athens link, instead of using the publisher's login box. Do not mistake the publisher's login box for the Athens login.  Once you are logged into the journal's website, you can look for the article you need by selecting the appropriate year, volume, issue, and page number. 
  • The PubMed Single Citation Matcher is a great tool for searching, verifying, or finding articles.  This is also a great place to start looking for an article if you have an incomplete citation.  Simply fill in the information that you have in the appropriate boxes provided by the Single Citation MatcherPubMed will display the article or articles that resulted from your search.
  • PubMed may provide a link to the full text, but PubMed does not always provide the proper access link.  Use the Publications link to be sure that you are using the proper full text access links to the journals that we subscribe to. 
  • Many of our Elsevier journals, which were previously found on MD Consult or Science Direct, can now be found on a new Elsevier database called "ClinicalKey".  If you are trying to get to an article that was published in an Elsevier journal, check ClinicalKey.
  • Ovid (Wolters Kluwer/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins) now requires that we login using our Athens username and password to access their journals.  When linking out from PubMed or the Discovery Full-Text Resolver, Ovid may take you to Ovid's home page, rather than the journal's full text page.  At the top of Ovid's home page, you can find a tab that says, "Journals".  If you click on the Journals tab, you can search for the appropriate journal title. 

Manager, Library Services

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Molly Harrington

Clinical Librarian

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Billie White
Clinical Librarian/Informationist

Library Technician

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Nicole Galvan
Contact me for article requests.
Phone: 602-406-3299