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DBH 9906: Cultural Diversity, Health, and Illness

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Lori Christianson
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DBH 9906 Research Guide

Search Tip for the CORE Library

HealthReach, part of the NIH and National Library of Medicine, offers easy access to quality health information in many languages that healthcare providers can share with LEP individuals. HealthReach is also an important resource for health professionals and public health administrators seeking best practices and population-specific tools, such as cultural backgrounders and tips for effective use of interpreters.

When you type a search term into the CORE Library's search box, you can also trigger a search for the same term automatically in HealthReach by clicking on the HealthReach button to the right of your search results.

Use the HealthReach button under Expand Your Search to automatically search HealthReach for your term.

This works for any of the sites you see under the "Expand Your Search" area.