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HonorHealth Women Physician Leadership Council: When You Are a Woman Physician of Color

Denver Doctor Starts A Portrait Series To Honor Black And Women of Color  Physicians | Colorado Public Radio

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When You Are a Women Physician of Color

 Women in Medicine : Faces Like Mine. 

Four female physicians discuss role models, race, standing up, and breaking free of societal expectations.  ( The DEI Shift 40:30) 

                            Carving a Path to Leadership: Strategies and Interventions (Women of Color Initiative - American Association of Medical Colleges 1:05)
                             Cultivating Well Workspaces for Women of color (Women of Color Initiative - American Association of Medical Colleges 56:54)                              Creating a Healing & Growing Space: a candid conversation between women of color and white women in the academy (Women of Color Initiative - American Association of Medical Colleges (01:32)
Sister-to-Sister Mentoring: Black Women Physicians Women Faculty of Color Toolkits (American Association of Medical Colleges)