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HonorHealth Women Physician Leadership Council: Welcome!

Join the Women Physician Leadership Council!

Women in Medicine | AAMC

Mission:  Increase gender equality for women physicians by removing barriers and providing greater access to professional development and leadership opportunities

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Women Physicians - How do we experience bias?
The gender pay gap in medicine: A systematic review The gender pay gap for women doctors is big - and getting worse (CNN)
Study finds female doctors work harder for less money (CNN) Gender discrimination in medicine prevalent in the form of lower pay, inappropriate conduct, survey finds (Medical Econ 2019)
Gender differences in compensation in anesthesiology in the United States: Results of a national survey of anesthesiologists (Anes & Analg) Achieving gender equity in physician compensation and career advancement: A position paper of the American College of Physicians (Ann Int Med)
Representation of Women in Top Executive Positions in General Medical-Surgical Hospitals in the United States (Wmns Hlth Rep 2021) Gender bias in clinical case reports: A cross-sectional study of the "big five" medical journals (PLOS One 2017)
Nevertheless, They Persisted: How Women Experience Gender-Based Discrimination During Postgraduate Surgical Training Diversity in Medicine: Facts and Figures 2019 
Women's representation among members and leaders of national medical specialty societies (Acad Med) Gender disparities in work and parental status among early career physicians (JAMA Netwk Open)
Voices in the OR: A self-reflection and examination of unconscious bias. (CA Soc of Anesthesiologists) Challenges faced by female healthcare professionals in the workforce:  A scoping review (Jnl Multidiscip Healthcare 2020)
Gender-based differences in burnout: Issues faced by women physicians.  (Natl Acad Med)  What's holding women in medicine back from leadership (Harv Bus Rev)
Female physicians burn out faster than their male colleagues.  Here's why. (Northeastern Rev)