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Long COVID: Patient & Practice Management

  Patient Management
Development and validation of the long covid symptom and impact tools, a set of patient-reported instruments constructed from patients' lived experiences (preprint 20-MAR-2021)

Developing services for long COVID: lessons from a study of wounded healers (Clinical Medicine JAN-2021)

Managing the long term effects of covid-19: summary of NICE, SIGN, and RCGP rapid guideline 22-JAN-2021

  • The likelihood of developing long term effects of covid-19 is not thought to be related to the severity of the acute infection
  • The most common symptoms of long term covid-19 are fatigue and breathlessness. Symptoms may be singular, multiple, constant, transient, or fluctuating, and can change in nature over time
  • Offer a chest radiograph by 12 weeks after acute covid-19 if the person has not had one already and has continuing respiratory symptoms
NICE guideline on long COVID, includes helpful links. Lancet Respir Med 13-JAN-2021
Managing patients post-COVID-19: From symptoms to lasting complications (ISDA) (26 min) 
COVID-19 rapid guideline: managing the long-term effects of COVID-19. (NICE guideline) published 18-DEC-2020.  This is a "living" guideline which means it will be updated as more evidence emerges.
Long COVID: Diagnosis, management, prognosis.  Recorded BMJ Webinar with related content. 07-SEP-2020.

"Long covid" in primary care BMJ algorithm infographic

Management of post-acute covid-19 in primary care BMJ 11-AUG-2020. Includes infographic linked above.

Management of Post-COVID Symptoms: Experiences from the Center for Post-COVID Care in NYC (1:31:26)

Long COVID Clinics

  Practice Management
ICD-10-CM COVID codes