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A Guide to Finding Music Scores: Learn to search for music scores

Find music using Cline Library's Catalog

Find music materials by keyword (keyword search)

Example: mozart violin concertos scores

Word searches find the occurrence(s) of the keywords in various fields of records: title, author, contents, etc. A word search can be useful when exact titles and/or authors/composers are not known. The above search locates only those records that have the words "mozart," "violin," "concertos" and "scores". Adding the word "scores" to the search helps to narrow it to just written scores.

Limit catalog searches by material type 'Music Scores'

The Advanced Catalog Search page allows you to limit to "Music Scores" as a material type before performing the search. For example, an advanced author search for composer schuman, william can be limited by material type Music Scores.


You can also limit your catalog search results to a particular material type after the search is done.


Find a musical piece using title search option

Find a piece by generic title (title search):

Example: Symphonies, K. 551, C major

If the title is generic (i.e., based on a type of composition, concerto, sonata, quartet, etc.) the uniform title will begin with the form name in plural, followed by instrumentation, thematic catalog or serial number and key in that order. The title search is best used when you are sure of the exact title or at least the first few words of the title. For more information on using uniform titles in catalog searches, see the Indiana University School of Music's guide to Using Uniform Titles.

Find a musical piece by popular title (title search):

Example: Jupiter Symphony

Find music materials by subject (subject search)

Example: string quartets

Subject searches are based on Library of Congress (LC) Subject Headings.  Even if you don't know the exact LC Subject Heading, typing in your best guess may show you the proper form of the subject heading: try piano and violin music.

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